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Food safety management systems and food safety systems from Food Safety Management Services, highly qualified experts in providing food safety management systems and food safety systems to UK food business operators that require food safety systems to attain HACCP certification


How can we help you?

We provide expert tuition to achieve a recognised UK qualification in HACCP or Food Safety suitable for supervisors, owners or managers of food businesses. We currently specialise successfully in small group and one to one tuition.

However, we are currently developing e-learning versions of HACCP at Level 3 for both catering and manufacturing. The manufacturing version will be ready by 1st December 2010. You would be able to study for this qualification from your office or home, at reasonable cost, as an alternative to class-based or one to one tuition.

The e-learning option should be attractive to persons outside the UK who would like a UK qualification but do not wish to travel to the UK.

We also provide expert advice about how to establish and maintain a food safety management system based on Codex HACCP principles, as well as a HACCP auditing service.

We are also available for HACCP tuition and consultancy projects outside the UK from June to September 2011.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control point) is a legal requirement for most food businesses in the EC. Food business operators must establish and maintain a food safety management system based on HACCP principles.

If a food manufacturer outside the EC wishes to import food products into the EC the manufacturer must achieve food safety standards, in their operation, at least equal to those required of food businesses operating within the EC. This would include the above HACCP requirement.

We developed a tailor-made HACCP system for a high quality tea manufacturer....

Tea Manufacturer:

Testimonial from Only Natural Products Gloucester (Tea Manufacturer) Writing and Consultation to formulate the Company HACCP Plan

Our chosen HACCP team had had previous dealings with the HACCP process but not in the positive way in which Bob re-introduced us to the world of pre-requisites and procedures.

Bob did a great job in helping us understand the requirements and how not to confuse product quality with product safety (for the consumer).

It was a pleasure working with him and we are very pleased with the outcome (a working HACCP Plan and supporting pre-requisites); especially the way we received paper copies of the documents we created with Bob as well as the master copies on  a memory stick (great idea)

Nicola (Company secretary and Gary Kenna (Operations Director)


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